Frequently asked questions

What services do you provide?

We are bespoke to your needs but predominantly clients use us for dinner parties, meal preparation for the week, BBQs, small events and other regular private chef services.

How does it work?

It’s easy, just tell us your location, the time and date you would like a chef to come to your home, the number of people and the quality of ingredients (eg. organic or not). You can have a menu in mind or we can send you some menu suggestions based on your preferences.

How many people can a chef cook for?

For a dinner party we believe that approximately 10 people is the most that one chef can cook to a high standard for using a domestic kitchen. Therefore a second chef or server may be needed for larger groups. However this is very much dependent on numerous factors. If you have more than 10 people then please get in touch here and we can see how we can help.

For BBQ or buffet style events we can cater for over 50 people

Do you provide the ingredients?

Yes we do. However if you prefer than you can hire the chef per hour and the chef can send you the shopping list.

Are the ingredients organic?

Yes we can do all organic ingredients if that is your preference.

Who is coming to my home?

You will have an experienced, professionally trained chef arrive at your home. All chefs are DBS checked, insured and experienced in food safety. You will also receive information on your chef ahead of the service. your kitchen will be in safe hands!

Can l change the time or date for my chef to arrive?

Sure you can, however we cannot guarentee that we can accomodate changes during busy periods and you will need to give at least 72 hours’ notice. To do this just contact and we will do our best to rearrange this for you.

What happens on Bank holidays?

Nothing, once there is availability you can have a chef to your home.

Can I choose my meals?

Yes, we will send suggested menus as a guideline, but your menu is bespoke, so you can discuss amendments with your chef

Do you offer vegetarian menus?

Of course, we try and accomodate all food preferences and tastes

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes - send an email to and we can have this organised for you

Do you offer vegan menus?

Yes we do!

What areas do you service?

We predominantly work in central London but we can accommodate outside of these areas including the Cotswolds, at a small additional cost, please just ask the team.

I have another question...

No problem, please contact us at or 0203 4883 725

What happens if I need to cancel my service

You can can cancel your service up to 72 hours beforehand. However you also may be liable for any ingredients purchased at time of cancellation (if applciable).

Does the chef tidy the kitchen

Yes the chef will endeavour to have your kitchen tidied at the end of their service.