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Good food for a good life: Our Story


With hectic work schedules and a passion for food and cooking, we became frustrated at the lack of options open to us. We tried boxed delivery options and high end frozen meals, but the problem was we didn't have the time to create the dishes and with frozen options, they  just didn't taste the same as freshly cooked dishes. We tried using restaurant delivery services, but after a period we simply felt that this was not healthy in the longer term.


Our Private Chef Service

What we really needed, was a service where you could bring a trusted, talented and experienced chef to your home to prepare bespoke meals for the days ahead based on our needs. That's how Chefs to Home was born.

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BBQ Service

Enjoying a good time:

Since then, we have expanded our services around the needs and requests from our clients to include dinner parties and BBQ's. Now our clients can actually spend time with friends and family rather than standing behind a stove or grill for the party. Our chefs also do all the food prepping and shop so all you have to do is have a good time.

Events to remember:

We have also brought chefs to people's homes for cooking class evenings with friends, corporate events, helped families with cooking techniques, partnered with food bloggers to create delicious recipe books and much more. Our excitement and passion for creating amazing experiences and delicious dishes continues to this day and we would love to help you with any cooking request you may have. We are sure you will love the service and we can't wait for you to try this experience for yourself.


Event with


Yours in cooking, Chefs To Home

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